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Music: I listen to old school R & B, some more up to date, classic rock cuz that is what I grew up on and I even listen to some country, I listen to various types of music.
TV: LOVE Real Housewives, a few of the reality shows, Law & Order SUV, Some of our little 30 minute sit coms, I dont know, a little of everything except history channel or something, I got enough of that in college.
Books: Dean Kontz, all of his books are fabulous, V.C. Andrews, some Steven King, I like a good scary or twisted kind of a book.
Sports: Everything Tennessee, Tennessee Titans, Tennessee Vols, if they are from Tennessee like I am, I am on their side.
Interests: Horses, working out, crochet, quilting, boating, skiing, pool, yes guys and I am pretty damn good, social things like going to a back yard bar b q, everything
Movies: Million Dollar Baby, Beautiful Minds, Scarface, God Father, I like really deep drama or horror, I am not a chick flick kind of movie person.
BestFeatures: People say my eyes, lips and my but are my best features, you will have to choose for yourself, I think my best feature is my personality. I have a friendly out going personality.
Dreams: Eventually I just want to get to a place in my life that I can become a foster parent.

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