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well dang.....I just told ya'll a bunch already!
JuniorHighSchool: Golden Valley Middle School
ElementarySchool: Bonnie Oehl Elementary School
Music: hip hop, r&b, neo-soul, alternative, rap, reggae, dancehall reggaeton, salsa....and much more!
TV: The Wire, NCIS and NCIS:LA, CSI:Miami and NY, The Forgotten, Sons of Anarchy, Melrose Place, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Dark Blue
Books: K'wan (Gangsta, Gutter, Hoodlum, HoodRat, Still Hood, Eve, Street Dreams, Section 8, Blow and whatever else that man writes), Laurel K. Hamilton, Chunichi, Wahida Clarke, Stephen King, Zane amd Eric Jerome Dickey to name a few...I read a lot
Sports: not a big sports fan but if i had to pick it would be basketball....street ball preferred but the NBA is welcome....ummmm and football....finally learning that damn game so now it makes sense! lol
Interests: Reading, Traveling (NY here I come!!) shopping, cooking...I love to cook, meeting new people and trying new things
Movies: The Last Dragon, The Big Hit, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Sleepers, The Basketball Diaries, Noah's Arc:Jumping The Broom, Boyz N The Hood, Juice, Paid In Full, IT, Menace To Society, Spaceballs, Killer Clowns From Outer Space, all Nightmare On Elm Streets, anything with Zombies, A Bronx Tale..etc...I could go on all day :)
BestFeatures: I am my best feature!!! lol....jk. I'd have to say my eyes, lips and my heart :)
Dreams: I want to open up a jazzy restaurant/bar and also homeless shelters and shelters for anyone else who needs to better their situation and doesnt have anywhere to turn

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