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Hi my name is Alleshea im 23 I have two handsome little boys they are 4 and 3. I am not looking for a father for my children they have one wheather hes around or not i'm not asking for a daddy I do however need someone that will accept them! I love a lot of different things. I like to enjoy life enjoy each day that im alive and with my kids, family and friends they mean alot to me. I am open to new things and I am a fun and happy person to be with and around I am very loving and giving! Are there men that care about those things??
HighSchool: Pine View High School
College: Stevens-Henager College Salt Lake City
Music: HuGe Michael Jackson fan!! I Like all kinds of music Rap hip-hop and others
TV: I dont really watch TV..I do like Sons of Anarchy and Law and Order SVU and Ghost Whisper!
Books: Stephen King and Nora Roberts books
Sports: Steelers and the Patriots! Football, Basketball, Volleyball
Interests: My kids and a man that is real and wants to get to know me for me!
Movies: Too many to name...ask me if you care!!
BestFeatures: Smile, lips, eyes, boobs and ass! my bff says im the whole package and she filled this out!!!
Dreams: I'll get back to ya on that one!

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