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    5 ft. 8 in.
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    Few Extra Pounds
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    Some College
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    Self Employed
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Hello! I'm Emm, and I am excited to meet you! I am twenty four years old, and I have my own business as a seamstress/fiber artist. I am into all things fandom. From anime to video games, Lord of the Rings to Star Trek, I am there. I am also an avid cosplayer! I've been making my own cosplays and making them for others for about ten years. Two important things to know about me are that I am a Christian, and that I have a chronic illness. This chronic illness doesn't slow me down too much, but I do occasionally use a cane to keep myself going.

What I am looking for

I'm looking for a man who will debate, but not argue, about whether Marvel or DC is better. Someone who isn't going to get bored with nights in, but isn't afraid of a good night out. A strong sense of humor is a must, because I dearly love to laugh. Most of my jokes are stupid, so prepare yourself. I'm also preferably looking for someone who is Christian. I'd just really like to be able to connect on that level. And if you happen to play Dungeons and Dragons, LARP, or cosplay, that's all icing on the cake!